Dann Cuellar
Dann Cuellar joined Action News as a reporter in 1988. During his tenure at Action News, he has covered many major news events, including the terrorist attacks in 1993 and 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York, the massacre at Columbine High School, The Waco Siege, and the Oklahoma City bombing on the Murrah Federal Bldg.

He has also covered major conflicts including the Persian Gulf War in 1991, the conflict in Bosnia, the American Intervention in Haiti, and most recently the latest conflict in Iraq.

Dann has 3 children, and is an avid sailor and sports enthusiast. He spends much of his free time enjoying a variety of athletic activities or sailing the Chesapeake.

Funeral arrangements are set and a vigil was also held Wednesday night for the Darby Borough police officer who was killed allegedly at the hands of his girlfriend.
One person is dead after a car hit a nail salon, coming to rest inside the store, in Northeast Philadelphia.
A mother and her children were attacked by a pit bull they recently adopted in Northeast Philadelphia this week and according to another family, this isn't the first time the same dog has attacked.
A racist message discovered inside a bathroom at Radnor High School is prompting concern among parents, students and staff.
"Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1," the Oscar winning documentary by Ellen Goosenberg Kent of Philadelphia and Dana Perry brought light to an alarming trend: American veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 22 a day, nearly one every hour.