7-year-old hailed hero after helping mom during medical emergency

Saturday, March 04, 2017 12:31AM
Police in Evesham Township are calling a 7-year-old boy a true hero, and with good reason.

EVESHAM TWP., N.J. - Danielle Regalbuto of Marlton, New Jersey, had a severe asthma attack Thursday morning as she got 7-year-old Rocco ready for school.

On the floor and unable to breathe, she handed her cell phone to her son, who quickly lived up to his favorite Superman hat.

"I asked who do I call? She said 911. So I called 911 and explained everything that happened," said Rocco.

He gave the dispatcher his address and father's phone number.

"I was upstairs, and I walked downstairs and opened the door," said Rocco.

As they waited for medics, he returned to his mother. Incredibly, his brave instincts helped keep her calm.

"As a mother it's hard because when you're on the floor like that and you're vomiting and you're trying to put inhalers in your mouth and you can't breathe and then you feel like you're going into panic attacks and your 7-year-old son is coming over rubbing your back," said Danielle Regalbuto.

She tells us she has been preparing Rocco for an incident like this for three years. When he was just 4, she started teaching him how to dial 911, so he knew exactly what to do.

The Evesham Township Police praised the 1st-grader as a hero on its Facebook page.

"I hug my mommy a lot. Sometimes I don't want to let go of her when I have to go school," said Rocco.

Fortunately, there will be many more hugs to come. Danielle, who's doing better, says she's not surprised by her little hero.

Meanwhile, Rocco is getting used to his new title.

"I am a real hero," said Rocco, who says it makes him feel, "happy and a little nervous!"

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