Free rice, beauty blog, and weird ornaments

December 12, 2007 9:07:02 PM PST
Getting while givingThere are millions around the world who are hungry. helps you donate rice through the United Nations. But there's one catch; you have to play a vocabulary game to do it. The more successful you are the more grains of rice you donate - 20 grains for every correct word, 100 for 5 correct words. It's a creative way to combat hunger and cumulate your vocabulary. Think of it as a way to give others something they need while giving yourself a good brain exercise.

Great gifts, better prices
If finding that unique gift for your loved one still has you stumped, may be the site for you. It's a great resource for personalized gifts and hand made products. An extra bonus? The prices are very reasonable. Etsy sort of operates like eBay. You can buy stuff on the site or post your own creations to put up for sale.

Christmas Decor
If you ever thought they can't possibly have a blog for everything out there, may just prove you wrong. This website has taken a recent diversion towards bizarre Christmas ornaments. That's right, if you've ever longed for a Yoda nutcracker, or a laptop to put on the tree, you're in luck!

Beauty blogs
Daneen Baird is a Philadelphian who is sharing her passion for beauty with you on But unlike the "experts" Baird says she has no loyalty to any one product because of endorsements or contracts, so she gives you the REAL scoop on beauty products.

She said, "I think my readers really enjoy that I don't have a beauty background I am just like them looking for products that work - looking for products that are worth the money."

But her site works like the experts and has all sorts of expert advice. Here's a neat feature. If you see a product on a celebrity you like, you can go to the search engine, type in the star's name and all the beauty products associated with that actor or singer will pop up.

The site seems to be catching on. Baird says she's been contacted by several big make up companies including one that was featured on Oprah's favorite things. Baird also has some free give aways on her site.

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