Change your trash to cash!

January 6, 2009 8:50:47 PM PST
You can help make recycled or rather Upcycled products. And by doing so, you'll help save the environment and make some money for your favorite school or charity at the same time. The students the Bridge Academy of New Jersey transformed garbage into gold.

They collected all kinds of trashed materials and then sent them to Terracycle for money that will go right back to their school!

"So 2-cents for a yogurt cup, 2-cents for a drink pouch, 2-cents for an energy wrapper," said Albe Zakes with TerraCycle.

All that loose change adds up. Last year, TerraCycle donated more than $100,000 to schools and non-profits. "And that number expects to double in 2009 as the programs grow," added Zakes "They're free to sign up for and they will never cost a dime.

When you sign up we send you pre-approved UPS shipping labels all you have to do is put them on a box or a bag fill that box or bag up with your materials and send it right back to us free of charge," he said.

Families and individual consumers can also sign up and collect then designate the donations they rack up to go to the school or charity of their choice!

"It helps the earth and everything, I think it's great," said one student donating items.

What's also great is what Terracycle does with your material: "So we can take thousands of small energy bar wrappers or cookie wrappers and fuse them into large sheets of material," said Zakes.

Then they make backpacks, lunch bags, messenger bags, folders, and all sorts of other things!

If you've resolved to get fit in the New Year then why not resolve to save some money?

Gyms are offering lots of deals and discounts right now.

For example, Gold's Gym is offering this promotion: For a limited time if you sign up for a one year contract online you'll pay no enrollment fee.

There's also zero enrollment to join Philadelphia Sports Club for one year, but this offer expires on January 31st And, Curves is offering one month free plus 50% off a membership through March 6th.

And here are some tips to help you get a better deal.

When joining any gym try to negotiate monthly and membership fees and perks.

There's almost always wiggle room for a better deal.

If you already belong to a gym, review your package with a manager. Then ask the club to throw in a free month or maybe passes for a buddy or discounted personal training sessions.

And because of the troubled economy, gym membership in the U-S has been going down so right now clubs are willing to do all sorts of things to keep you.


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