Suspected animal house found in Vineland

February 26, 2009 6:24:44 AM PST
Authorities say they've tracked down an animal house in Vineland, Cumberland County that is believed to be the source of the 10 neglected and filthy puppies that turned up this week. Today, the SPCA went into the home on 1139 Oak Lane with a warrant and found more dogs, along with cats, rats, a rabbit and a bird.

Neighbors tell Action News that 81-year-old Luigi Landicini lived at the home for years and that his daughter, Cynthia, visited daily.

Despite that, SPCA officials say this may be the very worst case of animal neglect and abuse they have ever seen.

Animal abuse agents entered the Oak Lane home wearing protective gear and masks.

The stench of urine and feces coming from the home was overwhelming. Outside, they found another filthy and frightened dog running loose. Inside, they discovered corroded cages, some contained animals living in their own waste without water.

"We took 3 cats out of the basement, 2 dogs from the upstairs, a bird, and a rabbit, as well. All of them were living in horrendous, horrendous conditions," Bev Greco from the Cumberlound County SPCA said.

SPCA agents say rats are running around in every room. The home is filled with debris. The filthy cages are stacked up

SPCA officials don't think the dogs were ever allowed outside in the last six years. Then, this week, at least 10 very dirty dogs, some just puppies, escaped, perhaps through a broken basement window.

The SPCA set out to find where the dogs came from. Armed with a search warrant, today, they made the disturbing discovery.

The homeowner, Luigi Landicini and his daughter were not home when the SPCA arrived today. Neighbors tell Action News, Mr. Landicini is not lucid and may be incompetent. Still, he and his daughter face dozens and dozens of animal cruelty charges.

Meantime, the SPCA has received dozens of requests from people who want to adopt one of the rescued dogs.