The election that keeps going

January 5, 2009 5:05:47 AM PST
It's the election that just won't end.

Two months after voters in Minnesota went to the polls to pick a new senator, the outcome is still up in the air. New York Sen. Charles Schumer says fellow Democrat Al Franken should be declared the clear winner now that a re-count is over. He leads incumbent Republican Norm Coleman by 225 votes.

But a leading Republican lawmaker says giving the seat to Franken would be premature. After all, this could all end up in court.

The Minnesota state Canvassing Board is expected to certify the results of the re-count today. Then, there will be a seven-day waiting period before an election certificate is completed. If any lawsuits are filed during that time, certification is conditional until the issue is settled in court.

Want to bet there'll be a lawsuit?