Eagles or Giants? New Jersey is divided

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January 7, 2009 6:52:29 PM PST
When it comes to the NFL, the state of New Jersey is, really, a house divided and that division really takes place along I-195. North of the highway is generally Giants country, south is Eagles territory, but sometimes, the split strikes even closer to home.

"There's definitely a dividing line. You are either an Eagles fan or you are a Giants fan," Pam Conk of New Egypt said.

Nowhere is the Eagles-Giants rivalry more evident than in the halls of New Egypt High School in Plumstead, which is pretty much right smack in the middle of the state.

"We're confident, but not cocky like the Eagles fans. A lot of Eagles fans around here are over-confident and we're not the Minnesota Vikings," Rich Carroll, Giants fan, said.

"Oh, it's terrible being around these Giant fans because they think they're superior, but we'll prove different on Sunday," Gary Conk, Eagles fan, said.

The rivalry even divides families; one teacher, a Giants fan, and her husband, an Eagles fan, will watch the game in different rooms of their house.

"I know what it's like to win a Superbowl. My husband's an Eagles fan who doesn't know what it's like, which is sad," Lyn Pryzbylkowski said.

The divide between Eagles and Giants fans is clearly felt here along the Mason-Dixon line of professional football and some folks want the world or at least their neighbors to know exactly who they're rooting for!

There are signs and banners and inflatables sprinkled throughout the area where they bleed blue and green.

The mayor, a longtime Eagles fan, is staying on the sidelines for this one.

"Politically speaking, I've got to be very careful. We are evenly divided and it's a rivalry!" Mayor Ron Dancer (R) said.