Students form Obama Hope Organization

January 8, 2009 4:03:33 PM PST
Obama's message of change really left an impression on hopeful students at an elementary school in Germantown.The 300 students who attend Fitler Academics Plus School in Germantown are engaged in politics.

So much so, that the student body has formed what it calls an Obama Hope Organization.

"If I want to become president, I can. If I want to become an astronaut, or anything else, because Barack Obama set goals for us to be anything that we want to be," fifth grader Jerome Brown said.

The organization is actually a non-profit, and holds a philosophy, goals, and plans to hold fundraisers.

The students, and their connection to the President-Elect, are the organization's lifeblood.

"A lot of people now are into politics, and we even have second graders at the school who can tell you a list of things about Obama that a lot of people don't know," eighth grader Kyshon Johnson said.

The mission of the Hope Organization is to teach the students a variety of lessons, government included, but also to make them lifelong participants in the political process.

"I'm hoping that this will inspire them for life?I'm hoping this will make this generation of students more responsible," Principal Willette Jones said.

Students compiled essays and are sending them to the White House.

They hope the next president will read them and maybe even stop by one day.

"I think he will read the essays and even if he doesn't write back, I'm sure that he will take our ideas and concerns into consideration," eighth grader Michelle Harvey said.

Their political education continues on January 20th, when the entire school will watch, as Obama becomes the first black president in US history.

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