Going to the game? Not many Eagles fans are

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January 8, 2009 4:33:58 PM PST
It seems the dismal economy is causing many true Eagles fans to be less interested in visiting the Meadowlands this weekend.Even with the Eagles remarkable, near impossible entry into the playoffs two Sundays ago, tickets for their game against the Giants this weekend aren't selling nearly as well as expected.

Some brokers say right now, they have access to at least a thousand tickets.

"It's an hour, two hour drive from the region, so you would think the true fan would go up there, but it's mainly a money issue, I guess," Jim McDaniel of Hot Seat Tickets said.

McDaniel says he's surprised that both availability and prices are still good.

"We have tickets available right now for under $200 which really isn't much more than you would see for a regular season game," McDaniel said.

"It's economy 101, if there are tickets still out there, they'll have to come down. They were upwards of $300 on Monday and they've come down to the $200 range, but again it's can you afford it?" Robert Debona, a sports travel agent, said.

Nearly everyone we spoke with today, is staying home on Sunday.

"My kids tried to talk me into taking them, but I heard tickets are 200 bucks," Joe Matthews of Pennsauken said.

Debona says Eagles fans are actually dealing with a trio of money woes this year, beginning with the Phillies World Series victory.

Debona says ticket sales in New York are also on the down-swing for economic reasons.

Business was apparently brisk for Eagles ticket sales on Monday, the day after the win against the Vikings, then tapered off considerably.

Brokers are hopeful it will pick up again tomorrow and Saturday.