DelDot worker struck while directing traffic

January 11, 2009 3:54:58 PM PST
While directing traffic off the Market Street Bridge, a DelDot worker and two DelDot Arrow Board trucks were struck by an SUV that was sliding on the icy roads of Route 13. Troopers closed down the roadway for drivers' safety and they requested the bridge be treated by DelDOT personnel.

Road crews arrived and shut the street down.

Traffic cones and flares were set up serving as a notice to drivers that the road ahead was closed.

DelDOT arrow boards were also set up prior to the road closure.

At about 9:30 a.m., a Dodge Durango was traveling northbound on Route 13 and plowed through the traffic cones and road flares.

The Dodge continued northbound and through a second set of flares and cones.

The Dodge then struck a 30-year-old DelDOT worker standing outside of his vehicle.

The worker was transported to Christiana Hospital with a broken leg and other minor injuries.

The Dodge still continued northbound at which time it struck a stationary DelDOT truck.

Finally, the Dodge Durango came to a stop on the right shoulder.

The injured DelDOT worker was transported from the scene to Christiana Hospital where he was treated for a broken leg.

Lynn Scannelli, the driver of the Dodge, was charged with Failure to Obey Authorized Person Directing Traffic, Inattentive Driving, Careless Driving, and No Proof of Insurance.

She will also be sent for a driver's re-examination with the Division of Motor Vehicle.

The roadway was shut down for approximately three hours.

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