Foods to fight cancer

January 12, 2009 3:31:29 PM PST
Mexican food CAN be healthy, and it can help your body's immune system fight cancer. But first, mental health professionals get a real-life lesson from the disastrous winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Studying "Snow Rage"

Scientists in Spokane, Washington this winter will study.... not the record for snowfall, but for what the snow is doing to mental health.

Psychologists say residents are getting "snow rage" - frustration over the non-stop onslaught of foul weather.

Mental health hot lines are getting twice the usual number of calls.

One psychologist says residents feel overwhelmed. And some residents echoes that, "This is def. way more than I'm used to growing up here." "We're being punished!")

No wonder residents are frustrated - Spokane has had 78 inches of snow - about 5 times the normal amount.


Mighty Mexican foods boost body against cancer

Cancer patients often ask about the best diet for them.

A new study from the University of Texas Medical Cancer shows that a native Mexican diet beats out other diets, including low-fat, or even Mediterranean-style eating.

Don't mistake "native Mexican" for the high-fat, low-fiber Tex-Mex foods popular in the U-S.

Sue Cunningham, Ph.D, R.D, a registered dietition, says, "The native Mexican diet would have an abundance of fruits and vegetables, beans, they would have tomato-based sauces and Mexican cheeses."

So load up on cabbage, squash, corn, beans, and spices.

Cunningham says, "That is where the immune-boosting components of foods are found. And this is just a study that confirms that."