Going to the NFC championship game

January 12, 2009 4:18:54 PM PST
If you want to go to the game in Arizona this weekend, you'll need a lot of greenFans are pumped, but their pockets are deflated in this economy. Any true green fan would love to be at the game in Arizona, but there's a limit.

"Yeah I think we'd all love to think about going down but no it's not in the budget this year I have to stay at home and watch it on TV and root for the guys to win," said Kent Julye of West Mt. Airy.

The Arizona Cardinals sold out of game tickets in six minutes. But thousands are still available on line. They range anywhere from less than three hundred dollars to upwards of $10,000.

Package deals are also available on line. AAA is offering a two-day, one-night deal from $699 to $795 depending on how many other fans you want to bunk with. Same with the Green Legion, a fan-based website, with packages ranging from $450 to $695. Those deals come with a pep rally and tailgate party. But you're on your own getting there.

Some fans are desperate and willing to pay whatever it takes.

"I was online this morning looking and I'm going to go online every single morning and somehow we're going to get back there to see our Eagles beat the Cardinals," said Linda Sliwowski of Moorestown, New Jersey.

"We already have reservations at the Venetian and we have our flights booked but the places we had her son in line yesterday at the stadium in Arizona and by the time he got to the ticket booth the tickets were only single tickets available," said Bobby Chez also of Moorestown, New Jersey.

Some have better connections in Arizona.

"My friend who lives in Arizona got tickets for me so I used to live out there so I've got a couple of connections fortunately in the desert so I got the tickets I got the flight I'm already to go," said J.T. Stewart of Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Some fans are looking past the Cardinals and making Super Bowl plans, even if they can't afford tickets.

"Me and my friends are talking about trying to get some money together and hopefully just go down there and tailgate even if we can't go to the game just tailgate," said James Hodges of Northeast Philadelphia.

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