Fur thieves caught on tape

January 14, 2009 3:55:00 AM PST
The guys are bold and they seem to plan things carefully. Police believe they've struck twice in Montgomery County, once at a mall in Elkins Park and at another in Limerick Township, hauling of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. "This is the first one coming in. And then the second one came in and then went back out and its also one that's involved."

The thieves were caught on tape at the Moores Shopping Center in Elkins Park. They came in earlier in the day to scope out a high-end clothing shop. They returned six hours later. Police responded to an alarm.

"And when the arrived they found an unattended U-Haul truck backed up to the front door. Motor was still running. They check the entrance way and they found that the doors had been smashed in."

Police believe the oldest of the three was calling the shots. He seemed to point out a rack of high-priced furs to the other two.

" When the came in initially, they went right to one portion of the store where the higher end items actually were. When they came back that evening, they went directly there."

A security guard stood watch as they cased the store and then followed the men out. When they came back, at just after midnight, the thieves went straight to the back of the store, making off with $200,000 worth of furs from the rack they'd been checking out earlier.

The thieves got in by smashing through the mall doors and then the shop doors.

For some reason, they left behind their stolen rental truck and fled in a light colored SUV.

Police say the same men may have also hit this Coach store at an outlet mall in Limerick Township. They smashed the glass doors and made of with 15 designer pocket books. That happened on December 14.

The robbery at the clothing store happened this past Friday.

Now police are hoping someone out there might recognize the men in that surveillance video. If you do, you can contact the Cheltenham Township Police at (215) 885-1600.

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