Make soda at home for about $.20 a can

February 2, 2009 9:58:30 AM PST
The average American drinks more than a can-and-a-half of soda each day. It's a habit that can get expensive.

But a Cherry Hill company has a product they promise will cut your soda budget... Allowing you to make your own soda, at home for about 20 cents a can.

Sodastream President Gerard Meyer says, "You can do it to save money. You can save a lot of money on sparkling water, on soda, including energy drinks."

For about $79, you buy a starter kit that includes the Sodastream soda maker, a cylinder of CO-2 that adds carbonation to your tap water, two empty soda bottles and a sample pack of soda flavors.

To make the soda, you load the cylinder into the machine, screw in your bottle of water... And push the button add the fizz.

The last step is adding flavor. The company has more than two dozen flavors, including regular, diet and even an energy drink.

Refill cylinders cost about $12.50 and make about 60 liters of soda each.

Flavor refills cost $5 and make 12 liters each.

Plus, everything's delivered to your door -- so there's no carrying heavy bottles from the supermarket.

For now, only a few retailers carry Sodastream machines, but you can order the system from the company's website.

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