Akers, fellow Eagles surprise students

January 15, 2009 3:29:56 PM PST
The next best thing to being in Eagles green is seeing an Eagle in person. That is what students at a South Jersey elementary school were treated to today - times three. The Eagles star kicker along with fellow special-teamers Sav Rocca and Jon Dorenbos surprised students at Taunton Forge School in Medford, New Jersey this morning.

Akers led a Q & A session with the curious kids, the punter Rocca gained some chuckles with his Australian accent, and long-snapper Dorenbos performed one of his famous magic tricks with a newspaper.

The children ate it right up.

"I think it was very awesome," student Jacob Frett said.

"We're not a first round seed. We're doing everything on the road, so I think it would be pretty cool if we were able to win all these games on the road and do something special for the town," David Akers said.

Akers' son Luke attends Taunton.

Just for fun, dad brought the school's mascot, a tiger, along with him for an Eagles road game.

The tiger had loads of fun.

He got to meet safety Brian Dawkins and offensive lineman Jon Runyan. The tiger even got to sit on the goalpost, spend some time on the sideline, and play a few hands of poker.

Could this be the good luck charm the Eagles need?

So the Eagles players headed off for an 11 o'clock practice, the kids went back to class, if the Eagles head to the Superbowl in Tampa the miniature tiger will go, too, with David Akers.