Kids inaugural concert

January 19, 2009 8:34:32 PM PST
6-year-old Serenity Flores and her father were among those lucky enough to score tickets to the kids inaugural concert honoring america's military families."I guess the inauguration gave out a bunch of free tickets to the base. I was one of the lucky guys to come with my daughter," said Steve Flores of Brooklyn, New York.

The concert had all the big names.

"I am just going to see Miley Cyrus, Bow Wow, Jonus Brothers, Jamie Foxx and more," said an excited Dashawn Shedrick of Washington D.C.

They saw them all. The event was hosted by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

"Like it's a really big thing for the country and kids should take part in it too," said Erica Barry of Washington D.C.

You might think the celebrities overshadow the man who will become president on Tuesday, but not for these kids. They all seemed to understand that they too are witnessing history by taking part in the inauguration celebration for Barrack Obama.

"Well, he's a good man. Why? Cause everybody's good. He won the president-elect," said Serenity Flores of Brooklyn, New York.

"Well I think he's going to be just like Martin Luther King Jr. What about him? Well he gave an I have a dream speech. Just like MLK and he's African-American," said Grace Allen of Orlando, Florida.

"Because he's the first black president because no one has ever been a black president before," said Andre Wilson of Columbia, South Carolina.