Winter gold warmup; economy's "bite"

January 26, 2009 7:02:50 AM PST
Golfing in the winter could be a GOOD thing despite how cold you may feel.

Golfers! Want to improve your putting game by 1/3?

Golf season may seem far off.

But one study shows this might be the perfect time to work on your golf game.

And you can do it by pumping iron!

A study by fitness experts at the Air Force Academy showed the benefits of strength-training in the off-season.

It not only gave golfers a stronger drive off the tee, as you might expect,

It boosted their putting accuracy 30 per cent.

And what golfer - even Tiger Woods - wouldn't like a better putting game?


Healing Fibers

Do you need surgery. But don't want the unsightly scars. Researchers in Israel may have the answer. They've developed a flexible biomaterial that could one day help close wounds with little scarring.

The material is spun from a common blood protein.

Because it is made entirely with natural materials, there's less chance of an immune system reaction.

Developers say sutures made of the material would be ideal for caesarean sections, and even plastic surgery.


Economic Stress Takes A "Bite"

Is the battered economy stressing you out?

The emotional wear & tear could be showing up in your teeth.

Dr. Jane Puskas says about half her patients grind their teeth, and the number is rising.

" You're clenching or grinding them together, not to chew, but to rub your teeth together," she says.

She says it usually happens at night, when patients sleep.

They may not even be aware of the habit, until they start feeling the symptoms.

Dr. Puskas says, "Generalized tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, difficulty opening, sometimes you'll hear noise in thr TMJ, and even sometimes temperature sensitivity."

If it's not treated, the grinding can lead to worn down, flattened, or chipped teeth.

Dentists say a mouth guard worn at night can take the pressure off, and save your teeth.

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