Bad oil warning

January 29, 2009 7:07:46 PM PST
A warning for consumers who heat their homes with oil. CLICK HERE FOR SUNOCO'S STATEMENT.

On Monday, Mark Rogalski of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, got a delivery of $420 worth of home heating oil from Sunoco Home Comfort Services.

"After the truck left I went down to the basement for something and I smelled a very bad odor," Rigalski said.

Rigalski couldn't quite sniff out the problem.

"I left for the day, came back around 4:30, and the entire house smelled like rotten eggs," he said.

So Rigalski called Sunoco to report the problem, and was told:

"To open all the windows and to run the heat high and hopefully it would dissipate," Rigalski said.

But Mark says the smell only got worse.

"It smelled like rotten chicken and tomatoes in the summertime that has been sitting in the trash for two or three weeks," he said.

Later, a Sunoco technician told Mark the 192 gallons of oil he bought was contaminated!

Sulfur compounds normally added to give propane an odor ended up in the home heating oil.

An equipment failure at Sunoco's South Philadelphia refinery caused the accidental mix-up.

Sunoco tells Action News there is no health risk associated with exposure to these compounds under normal conditions of consumer use.

After Action News called Sunoco, the company did pump the contaminated oil out of Mark's tank; it also cleaned his furnace and the company says it resolved 7 other complaints it received.

But more people could be impacted!

Sunoco says the foul heating oil was delivered to 163 customers, 37 distributors, and one wholesaler on Monday.

If you received home heating oil from Sunoco this week and you notice a strange, persistent odor, you can call 1-866-743-2362.


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