Senior prescription cards & cable savings

January 30, 2009 4:06:12 PM PST
Hundreds of seniors who bought so-called discount prescription cards are now eligible to get some money back. Plus, we have an innovative way to save hundreds of dollars a year on cable or satellite bills.

Action News first warned you about Peoples Benefit Services about six years ago. The company claimed it could provide significant savings on medication and treatment. Well, now customers who paid for the program can get some money back.

Peoples Benefit Services Inc. sold drug discount cards costing $5.95 to $12.95 a month. The company promised consumers the lowest price available at pharmacies nationwide.

But consumers told Action News the claims were grossly inflated, and in some cases, the program did not net consumers any savings at all!

In 2005 the Pennsylvania Attorney General filed a lawsuit accusing the company of using misleading advertising and deceiving consumers. The case has now settled for 230-thousand dollars. Consumers have until March 24th to file a claim for a refund. Click here for the online form or call 1-877-888-4877.

Savvy couple Debra and Mervin James have figured out a way you can watch your favorite TV programs and save more than a thousand dollars a year on your cable or satellite bills!

They traded in their remote control for a computer keyboard! They now watch all their TV programs online, for free, which means they slashed their TV bill from 100-dollars a month to zero.

You can watch home and garden shows for free at and primetime shows like LOST are free on demand, too!

"The major networks all stream television shows in high definition for free on the Internet, not all shows, but some shows," said Tom Merritt of CNET.

But with a new antenna and a special computer with built-in-TV functions Debra and Marvin can get live TV, too about 50 digital channels for free.

If you don't have the antenna and special computer you may have to spend about 700-dollars for that stuff up-front. It sounds like a lot but Debra and Mervin said it's worth it in the long run. They broke even after seven months and now save 1200-dollars a year.

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