Cheyney University fight posted online

February 5, 2009 8:37:50 AM PST
Officials at Cheyney University are trying to get to the root of a student brawl that someone posted online.The images from a fight at a Cheyney University party Saturday night are graphic. Video shows one male being kicked repeatedly in the head while he is lying on the ground. Equally disturbing is the fact that this fight was edited to controversial music infused with suggestive language and racial slurs and then posted on YouTube.

"I think the way it was portrayed is a little skewed and it puts Cheyney in a bad light, which is not good for us, because, from what I know, it doesn't accurately get the whole scope of the whole night and it's a very sensationalist video," George Bush, Cheyney student body president, said.

Bush says the crowds got too big at the party held at an on-campus fraternity.

"The way the party was promoted was Cheyney vs. Lincoln vs. West Chester," Bush said.

Bush believes many people attending the party came looking for a fight. School officials say there were people attending who weren't students at any of the schools.

State police confirm there were four arrests that night. The university says it is still investigating the video, the fight, and who posted the video.

However, this is just one of several fights Action News found from Cheyney University posted on the popular video site. The school says it is looking into adopting a policy that would punish any student who posted similar videos on the Internet.

"Living in a climate of violence that we do live in with violence being glorified all across through media, through movies, Internet, even music, it's causing a climate for people to be desensitized, it's a societal problem, not necessarily a Cheyney problem," Cheyney University spokesperson Antoinette Colon said.

The university's president also announced there will be a full investigation into the policies, procedures, and safety precautions at on campus parties. Until that investigation is complete, there is a moratorium on all on-campus parties.

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