Cars for Girls, The Green Motorist

February 6, 2009 9:15:29 AM PST
Cars for Girls is designed to empower women by respecting and educating them in order to help them make smarter buying decisions. Their aim is to eliminate the mystery and hopefully the fears regarding all aspects of the automobile industry.

"I wanted to create this site because so many women I know hate buying a car, and hate the car industry in general. As a matter of fact they prefer root canal. I thought if you could think of me as a friend I could guide you through the car world and your experiences would be a whole lot happier. My goal for you is that shopping at a car dealership be as comfortable as going to the store."

Hilary Green
Cars for Girls

Women spend over $30 billion dollars on cars and influence another $60 billion in sales a year, making up half the drivers and accounting for 80% of the car market. Talk about true power, you do the math.

What is The Green Motorist?

The Green Motorist is your guide to eco-friendly vehicles. They want to help you achieve and maintain a green lifestyle by providing articles and information about hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.