Mrs. Fixit: Magnetic Laundry Room

February 6, 2009 7:43:27 AM PST
Magnets? In the laundry room? Well, actually keeping a few magnetic items in your laundry room can help keep you organized and help keep important items close by!

A magnetic mail pocket from the office supply store is the perfect size for keeping those stain fighters in arms reach. All those little bottles stash neatly and you know where they are whenever you need them.

A magnetic towel rod keeps those all important white cloths you need for treating stains neatly hanging so you know right where they are.

Magnetic refrigerator clips are just what you need to keep your washer and dryer manual accessible for easy reference. Just slip them into a zip top bag or a clear plastic sleeve and attach them to the appliance.

Another zip bag can catch loose buttons and stuff from pockets so they don't end up in the wash.

A plain old disc magnets will catch pins, and paper clips.

Easy ways magnets can help you out in the laundry room! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.