Man under surveillance killed

February 10, 2009 12:50:11 PM PST
48-year-old Daniel Trinsey was under surveillance for a bank robbery when detectives approached him. Sources said he pulled out what appeared to be a fake gun. They opened fire and killed him.

Sources said investigators with the FBI's violent crimes task force repeatedly demanded Trinsey drop his weapon. Instead of following orders, he allegedly began pointing the gun at detectives.

"Out of nowhere it sounded like breaking glass. I don't know, I just, it was crazy and the next thing you know my entire block is surrounded," said Stephanie Williams.

Sources said Trinsey was suspected of robbing a TD bank on the 25-hundred block of Grant Avenue Friday night. The suspect was caught on surveillance video.

Chris Hirst lives next door to the home where shooting occurred. He and a law enforcement source said Trinsey had been staying with a woman who lives at the home for a couple of weeks. Hirst said he seemed to try and keep a low profile.

"I didn't get to know him too well. He was quiet. I'd hear him call for the dog, when the dog was barking, I'd come home the dog was barking, he'd call for it but other than that. I looked over a couple of times to wave but he never looked up."

The shooting has Hirst and others who live on the block of neatly manicured laws shook up but also relieved.

"My wife had just went to pick up my kids from school. Right before it happened, I'm just thanking god nothing happened to my wife and kids."

"It's terrifying just to see this happen right across the street from me. To hear it just like that I never would have guessed anything like this would happen," Williams said.

Philadelphia police took several witnesses in for questioning. No law enforcement officer was injured.

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