Celebrity fashion for less

February 9, 2009 8:43:35 PM PST
We're all trying to pinch pennies but you don't have to sacrifice looking fabulous and fashion-forward. Action News has found a couple places you can go to get all kinds of high-end, celebrity looks for low, low prices.

Getting all the items you need to create your favorite look for less is about to get a lot easier. Forget your usual bargain hunting, you know, schlepping from store to store, picking through rack after rack, because we have found two local ladies who are willing to do all that work for you.

Take any trend-setting celebrity look and you can bet it cost thousands of dollars! But fashion forward fans fret not! Lilliana Veracruz created CheapChicas.com just for you.

"Basically it was a way to showcase all the amazing deals I found when I went shopping and also a way to talk about how you really don't need to spend money to look fabulous."

On her blog Lilliana breaks down celebrity looks piece by piece. And shows you where you can get the same look for less.

For instance, forgo a $900 pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes for a pair that retails for just $72. Lilliana found them at J Karma in Old City. There she also found a bag that looks similar to a Marc Jacobs, but instead of $1400, it's $55!

"Look for the inspiration behind the designer piece or behind the runway show that you're watching and incorporate that into a way that fits into your lifestyle."

For instance who could forget Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw in her floral number.

"So now we have this version of it at H&M it's only $39.90."

And you can get the entire look for $49.80! Get reality T.V. star Lauren Conrad's look for $64.80. And a Gwyneth Paltrow look for $120.70! And if you liked Gwyneth's Iron Man premier hot nighttime look, you can buy a similar tuxedo blazer for just $20 which makes the entire outfit under $60.

And while we did a lot of our shopping at H&M many other retailers offer looks for less, too.

"Stores like forever 21, even Walmart does Norma Kamali now. You're getting all these high-end designers that offer lower budget lines as well. So you really don't have to spend money to look good," said Lilliana.

Another great website for frugal fashionistas and bargain beauties is DailyCandy.com. As the Philadelphia editor, Meredith Lindemon is dedicated to finding the latest and greatest deals at hip, cutting-edge, local stores.

"I walk around the city all the time and just look," she said. "You know, I pound the pavement I go and ask the people, I look for stuff and you know I'm constantly just looking."

That's how Meredith discovered the apparel here at Old City's Art in the Age clothing store is half off! And if you subscribe to Daily Candy Meredith will send this kind of sweet sales info directly to your email inbox.

Some cool deals we spotted on Daily Candy over the past several weeks included 50-90% off at the SugarHabit Warehouse sale in Old City and up to 70% off at Center City retailer Matthew Izzo.