Learn to blow-dry like a pro. Save on salon costs.

March 16, 2009 10:35:38 AM PDT
Some women are willing to pay a stylist up to $50 for a professional blow-dry. But most women -- especially in this economy -- blow-dry their own hair, even if the results aren't quite the same.

That's where Jennifer Luszczak can help.

Jennifer's a stylist at A-S Salon and Lounge at 123 South 16th Street, 2nd floor, in Center City. She shares her skills by giving both classes and private lessons in blow-drying.

Classes cost $40 per person. Private one-hour lessons are $80. Students also get discounts on products.

She says a one-time investment learning to blow-dry like a pro can really pay off.

She explains that a professional blowdry can extend the life of your color and make hair that hasn't been cut in a while look more polished.

Jennifer says the most common mistakes women make are: Shampooing too often or not often enough
Conditioning their whole heads instead of just the ends
And not spending enough time to get their hair really dry and smooth.

She advises that even if you're pressed for time, make sure the front and top of your hair is completely dry, so that it will still look good.

For more information about Jennifer's classes and private lessons, click here.

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