"Faith Walk" to end violence

February 26, 2009 3:51:56 PM PST
In the wake of so much violence against city police officers a group of men, many of them fathers, rallied in support of peace.More than 200 people converged at the scene of Officer John Pawlowski's killing, which happened about two weeks ago to offer their support.

"We have faith in our leadership. We have faith in this city, faith in the police department, faith in ourselves, faith in God to be able to turn this situation around," said Kofi Asante, of the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers.

They gathered not only to show support for the city and the police department, but also for Officer Pawlowski's family and efforts to prevent criminal behavior in the first place.

The rally, organized by the National Comprehensive Center For Fathers, moved into a blindfolded march, from Broad and Olney to the 35th Police District, where Officer Pawlowski worked.

"It's very sad. We're here to support police, we're here to support families, we're here to support men that need help," said Carlos Marquez of North Philadelphia.

In the thoughts of the many fathers was Kimberly Pawlowski, who is carrying the murdered officer's unborn child.

A child who will never know his or her father.

When they arrived at the 35th police district, they removed the blindfolds, to symbolize how they trust those who lead them, whether they be in uniform or in the community.

Just minutes after the rally broke up, yet another Philadelphia police officer, Detective Al Ford was shot. Read more about that that story here.

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