Dirty school bathrooms

February 26, 2009 4:01:48 PM PST
Someone needs to clean up their act at Trenton Central High West and the students say it's the school's administration.

The teens say they're fed up with the deplorable condition of student restrooms from rusty water fountains, to broken bathroom stalls. The students started to protest and the school district heard them.

"It was very nasty, the doors was broken off, there's no soap in the dispensers, there's no toilet paper," explained Johnell Miles.

Would you want to use a restroom with a filthy floor and no doors for privacy? How about a bathroom stall that has no toilet paper or a sink with no soap or towels?

Pictures captured by senior Johnell Miles on her cell phone explain why students at Trenton High West began circulating petitions, asking the school district to provide the very basics in the bathrooms.

"It's a health hazard, it's ridiculous, coming to school and you have to go without going to the bathroom or washing your hands," she said.

"I think it's nasty, that should be a top priority in a school," said Rhoneesha Matthews.

Parents like Fontella Cawley agree, "I think it's awful. I didn't even know all that was going on, but that's totally awful that they can't have privacy when they go to the bathroom.

"This has nothing to do with budget cuts, I am shocked," said Superintendent Rodney Lofton.

Lofton says he just learned about this situation, but the school is correcting the problem.

"I must apologize for what you see, the pictures, I'm not going to sit here and deny that. But I will say certainly we look forward to the future and a great deal of improvement to what you see," explained Everitt Collins, who is the maintenance director.

The school Vice Principal says they sometimes run low on supplies, but he says if there's a stall without a door or without paper nearby there are several with. The problem with the doors says Channing Conway is not vandalism but wear and tear.

"You have 500 to 600 kids going through her at anytime and they just wear out," Conway said.

And he says custodian don't have the tools readily available to drill into the marble. The district repaired several items today, but not all were fixed, but even some improvement satisfied students like Johnell Miles.

"I love that they took action. We have toilet paper, we have soap, the water is working well," Johnell said.

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