High-tech "people finder," Activity mounts up

March 1, 2009 7:12:34 AM PST
A new tool could help get you on the right fitness track

LoJack Technology used to find missing people

The same company that makes LoJack to find stolen cars now has a version to help locate missing people... Such as people with alzheimer's disease, dementia, or autism, who wander away.

LoJack Safety Net uses a locator beacon worn by the person on a wristband, and a receiver for law enforcement.

The beacon constantly emits a radio signal.

If the wearer wanders away, police & emergency workers can track the person with that signal.

The LoJack company plans to offer the service with about 200 public safety agencies nationwide.

Researchers at National Jewish Hospital have found an interesting gender switch on asthma.

Early in life, more boys are asthmatic, but going into adulthood, women are more likely to have it.

Doctors think genetics and hormones play major roles in the switch.

Past studies have linked estrogen to increased inflammation of the airways.

And a new study from the hospital showed that for women, asthma symptoms often spike at certain times during their monthly cycles.


MyActivity Pyramid Aims to Get Adults Off the Couch

If you're confused about how much exercise you're getting, the University of Missouri Extension office might be of help.

It's created a new fitness guide called the MyActivity Pyramid, based on the USDA's well-known food pyramid.

It enables you to tally *all your activity - from household chores to gym-time, to see if you are getting enough.

The idea is to see that every little bit of exercise counts.

Steve Ball, an MU Fitness Specialist, says, "Some is better than none, And so if you can just get off the couch and start doing some light activity, you can see significant health benefits. and then as you gain some fitness, you'll be able to climb the pyramid, and do those other things that are recommended."

Developers of the pyramid hope it will help Americans curb its growing obesity problem.

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