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Parenting 101 & Erin's BIG announcement

March 5, 2009 6:10:46 AM PST
It is the toughest job out there: Parenting. Thanks to the Internet, parents these days have a lot more access to help and advice just by clicking a mouse. But with tens of millions of results popping up when you Google the word parenting, which sites are best? We thought we'd help you narrow them down. For all you new parents out there or parents to be, babycenter.com is a free site for everything baby. The site offers expert advice on everything from conception to finding the right toddler bed...so it's a site that will stay with you for quite a few years. If you're expecting, babycenter.com will send you email updates on your progress and how your baby is growing week to week. Browse the site a bit and you can find help on everything from naming your baby, to teaching your toddler table manners to finding out information on product recalls.

LINK: http://www.babycenter.com

Parenthood.com is another site that offers a bit of everything for all stages of parenthood. The site offers recipes for the kids, parenting articles for all ages, a message board, and more.

LINK: http://www.parenthood.com

Responsibilityproject.com is not a site specifically for parents, but there is a section devoted to topics relevant to children and parenting. It provides you with articles from various sources that are of interest to moms and dads. It posts information on common questions like how many chores should you assign to your children...but also features more controversial topics like how to teach your kids responsible drinking behavior. The site is run by the insurance company Liberty Mutual.

LINK: http://www.responsibiltyproject.com

If you're well past the baby stage and dealing with those oh-so-fun adolescent and teen years, try logging on to parent-teen.com Here, you can get insight into the teen culture. Learn about body piercing and henna tattoos, that is, before the kids ask you if they can get them. The site also gives you tips on how to handle your teen friends, how you can prepare for that first driving lesson and how you can help your child prepare for college.

LINK: http://www.parent-teen.com

And although parenting may be tough at times, it's fun too! Especially when you get to do things as a family. Familyfun.com is a resource for ideas on crafts, parties, recipes and games. You can also get suggestions on travel destinations.

LINK: http://www.familyfun.com

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