Where are the jobs?

March 16, 2009 5:12:45 PM PDT
The recession has more than four million Americans lined up for unemployment. But if you're on the job hunt where you should start looking?

Laurence Shatkin, wrote the book 150 Recession Proof Jobs, he has figured out which industries thrive even during an economic downturn.

"The jobs that tend to be recession-proof are the ones that have to do with something that's vital to human life. There are layoffs in education, there are layoffs in health care, in government jobs in a particularly bad recession now but these tend to resist these kinds of downturns."

For instance, jobs in health care continue to thrive, in fact, nursing aides and registered nurses top the list of recession-proof jobs with the most openings.

"Registered nurse, hands down, I'd say is the hottest job right now."

Topping the list of the 150 best recession-proof jobs overall are computer systems analysts, registered nurses, post-secondary teachers and physical therapists and the fastest growing recession-proof jobs are what you might call pet projects.

"There are a lot of job openings for veterinarians, and for the people who do the lab work, veterinarian technologists."

Also check out the Post Office for jobs and insurance companies, repair shops and government agencies are good bets as well.

The key is to find a job with permanent need funeral directors and tax collectors are also pretty recession-proof.

Also keep in mind in this climate; you do have to be flexible not only in terms of what you do but when you do it. Be prepared to work weekends and odd shifts including the graveyard shift.

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