PayPal scam & e-mail regret help

March 27, 2009 7:51:09 PM PDT
A warning about a scam targeting people who sell things online. Laura Waldron was trying to sell an Xbox 360.

"I put it on eBay and Craig's List at the same time and whoever emailed me first was whoever was going to get it," Waldron said.

A buyer on Craig's list emailed Laura saying she'd pay 500-dollars on behalf of a co-worker traveling for her job in Nigeria.

"I made the deal because she told me she was going to do it through PayPal," Waldron said.

Laura mailed the Xbox to Nigeria because online she believed the transaction was safe. After all, she'd even received online payment confirmations that appeared to be from PayPal.

"Everything that was in it was identical to a PayPal email until the last one I had gotten from them was telling me to send $300 through Western Union to this lady or else I'm not getting any money," Waldron said.

When Laura called PayPal directly they told her to stop her package immediately ? she was getting scammed.

It was too late, though. Laura was out the $500 and her expensive gaming system.

So beware of copycat websites and emails.

Be especially cautious if you're asked to send something overseas or if you're asked to send or receive more than the actual purchase price.

And if you're suspicious an email might be fake forward the email to, PayPal can verify it for you.

If you have a PayPal account, log onto it directly to ensure a transaction is legitimate.

"I probably would have checked my PayPal. That's the one thing I didn't do and I regret not doing," Waldron said.

And PayPal has a new service you can use to detect bogus emails and it's free.

Just download the Iconix eMail ID from the PayPal website. Then when you get an authentic email from PayPal, you'll see a gold lock with a check mark. It's a foolproof way to figure out if a PayPal email is real.

Also, upgrade your browser to one like Internet Explorer 7 with up-to-date security features.

The IE7 address bar is even color-coded, red indicates you should be suspicious and green indicates the web page's credentials have been confirmed.


The lightning fast speed of email can be its best and worst quality.

Now you can stop that e-mail from being read after you hit send, at least if you have a G-Mail account.

G-Mail has a new "undo Send" feature.

Turn it on and you'll see an "undo" link on every sent mail confirmation.

Click the link and Google will grab your email before it's sent, but you have to be quick as have just FIVE SECONDS to hit the panic button.

G-Mail engineers decided even that short amount of time is enough to catch most of those regrettable emails.

LIHEAP Eligibility Also, the folks over at PGW reached out to Action News about this one.

It's concerned many people in our area are leaving money on the table.

PGW estimates there's about $25-million left for Pennsylvania customers eligible for LIHEAP.

This year the program has extended eligibility requirements.

But you need to call your utility right away to see if you're eligible and to take advantage of the grant.

The program will close a week on April 3rd.

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