Make a frog-friendly backyard pond

March 31, 2009 5:57:38 AM PDT
Have a pond in your yard? Here's how to make it amphibian-friendly:

- Build gently sloping sides.

Most amphibians breed in fairly shallow water. Give them a choice of different relatively low depths.

- Choose appropriate plants.

Plants growing in the water at the edges of the pond are needed for laying eggs. A variety of vegetation surrounding the pond provides hiding places.

- Forget fish.

Large ornamental fish like koi and goldfish feed on eggs, tadpoles and larvae. Consider using your pond as a place to observe native wildlife instead of stocking it with fish.

- Keep pets away.

Keep pets away from your pond; amphibians have enough natural predators to deal with. And never release nonnative amphibians (or any other nonnative animals) outdoors. They'll not only compete with native species in your pond, but they'll head off and cause problems elsewhere, as well.

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