NJ fish funeral, a YouTube hit

April 2, 2009 4:21:07 PM PDT
3-year-old Maya of Cherry Hill bid farewell to her goldfish, Lucky, in 2006.Little did her parents know, three years later, her fish's funeral would become an Internet sensation.

Back then, Lucky the fish, was in pretty bad shape and Maya thought it was only appropriate that the little fish be given an appropriate goodbye.

Maya gave a sweet eulogy by the fish's bowl of departure with her mom and dad standing by.

"Lucky, you're a good fish and Lucky loved?I mean?and Marlond loved you that he helped you to eat your food but now he can?never see you again, because you died, even though we took a videotape of you," Maya said back then.

Maya is now almost 6-years-old, and doesn't remember a whole lot about the fish funeral, but her parents say they can't believe it's become such a YouTube phenomenon.

It has received more than 125,000 hits on YouTube and has certainly captured the hearts of viewers who seemed pretty amazed at how articulate and compassionate little Maya was at Lucky's funeral.

"She's like an old soul, and she's very mature; it's just what we expected from her," Jessy Muttathi, Maya's mother, said.

"We didn't take it with the intention of putting it on YouTube, so for a couple months we were just showing it to friends and they all thought it was hilarious," George Muttathi, Maya's father, said.

It was actually George's brother who posted the video on YouTube.

With Lucky up in fish heaven, any chance Maya may get a kitten or puppy?

Chances are, probably not.

"All we have is fish because my mom is allergic to cats and dogs," Maya said.

LINK: See the full YouTube video here.

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