Mrs. Fixit: Cleaning Progression

April 8, 2009 8:12:22 AM PDT
Thinking ahead can save you a lot of time with your weekly routine, I have some tips to help get that cleaning done faster and out of the way!

Start with tools, where a sponge can only be used for wet jobs and a dust cloth is for dry, a microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry and it can be washed and reused innumerable times which in the end saves you money as well!

Also, use a cleanser that can be used on multiple surfaces like white vinegar or rubbing alcohol because you won't have to switch cleansers and you won't have a lot of fumes in the air.

When you're cleaning a room, start dry and move to wet. Sweeping, vacuuming, dusting. If you get dust and dirt wet it will end up as muck, which takes longer to clean up.

When you're using sprays or solutions, apply them to the surface and then move onto another task. This will allow the cleaners to soak into the crevices and to dissolve dirt and grime so that you can just wipe it away. Rather than having to reapply because your cleanser didn't have time work you are getting two jobs done at once.

See how proper progression can save you time, money and effort while you're cleaning!?! Try it yourself, I'm Mrs. Fixit and its just that simple!

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