Coins make a comeback in A.C.

April 8, 2009 3:01:31 PM PDT
One casino is going retro, and that means the sound of clanking coins once more in Atlantic City.Like the Miss America Pageant and a five cent jitney ride, coin slot machine in Atlantic City have gone by the wayside, replaced by electronic machines with recorded sound and paper vouchers.

But Atlantic City's first casino, Resorts, has decided to bring some of the old coin machines back, betting they'll be a hit.

"The sound of those coins hitting the tray really do add to the winning feeling, add a lot of the excitement of the game," siad Chris Downer, the director of slot operations.

Some gamblers Action News talked to couldn't agree more.

"The clinking and all that... I don't know, you feel like you're playing for real," said Sonia Segreto of Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey.

"That's the thrill of it. With the paper, you really don't hear anything. With the coins, it makes you feel like you hit a little bit," said Tom Orlando of Glenolden, Pa.

Resorts has installed eight of the coin slot machines to test them out, and so far they seem to be popular. If they go over well, the casino plans to install more.

"I missed the coins, even though you get your hands dirty," said Pat Bayless of Hamilton Square, New Jersey. "But it's so much more fun to have a bucket of coins to go cash in."

The retro machine will never replace electronic slots, which are much easier to maintain.

But, gamblers at Resorts are having great fun taking a little step back to the way it was when casinos first started here.

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