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April 16, 2009 8:37:36 PM PDT
Last month, Action News introduced you to Liz Scheimer and Ruthy Dowling. Liz had recently been laid off from her position in operations management at an IT firm. Ruthy had lost her job as an executive administrative assistant. We caught up with them again to see how their job hunt is going. "I'm thinking about joining some sort of professional network group," said job hunter Liz Schiemer.

Liz is facing a self-imposed deadline: land a job by May 1st!

Ruthy Dowling's plan is to improve her time management skills so she can search for a job and work on a master's degree.

In order to obtain those goals: Action News linked Liz and Ruthy up with life strategist Gail Kasper for a crash course in reinventing yourself.

Gail says no matter if you're staying in the same field or planning to switch careers, reinvention is vital.

"The key to reinventing yourself is really getting back to who you are and the strengths that you bring to the table," said Gail Kasper.

Gail looked over our job seekers resumes, interviewed them about their goals and gave them what she calls a "dose of action" to get them on the track to success.

To do that, Gail uses the acronym "progress" as a guide for "reinvention".

And here's how you can get a "dose of action too": "P" is for having a "plan". Gail says know what steps you need to take to land a new job.

The "R" is for resources. Ask yourself: what do you need to have in place to get that job. Do you have a computer? What about a suit in case you're called in for a last minute interview?

"O" is for operating skills.

Gail said your operating skills are the power behind the position or career.

The "G" stands for your goals. Gail said it's critical to define the direction you'd like to head in. "R" is for risks you'll need to take. That can include continuing to pursue a potential employer, attending a networking event, or going to school to develop new skills or upgrade old ones. "Step out of the box, take a risk, challenge yourself, so you build confidence," said Gail.

The "E" in progress is for having "extraordinary expectations".

Dare to dream big! And turn your actions into results! Next Gail said job hunters need to "surround" themselves with the right people. Find a mentor, Gail said that should be someone that impacts your life in a positive way.

Finally, create "steps" in your search, and continue to climb them.

"And think about them logically," added Gail.

As for Liz and Ruthy, both said they'll be starting down a new track in their job search "I'm going to go through my personal goals, we talked about finances, where I want to be," added Liz.

"Whatever I have to do to make it happen I'm going to do," said Ruthy.

Liz said she just got a new job earlier than she'd expected.

As for Ruthy, a company has asked herback for a second interview.

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