Police: Mom wanted son's ex "jumped"

April 24, 2009 12:34:49 PM PDT
A Wilmington, Delaware mom was arrested after police say she offered several juveniles $1,000 if they would attack her son's ex-girlfriend.Investigators say Karen L. Peet's son, Cody, had dated the 17-year-old victim for some time, but she decided to end the relationship.

Police say Cody was unhappy with the breakup and assaulted the victim, breaking her nose back in March.

He was arrested and ordered not to have any contact with her, however police say he contacted the victim on two additional occasions, and was arrested each time.

At the time of his third arrest, police say Cody Peet was hosting a party at the basement of his home with several friends. When Karen Peet learned of the arrest, police say she walked down to the basement and proclaimed, in front of several witnesses, that she would pay $1,000 if someone would "jump" the victim.

Since that time, police say someone threw a cinderblock through the window of teenage girl's car while it was parked at her home on April 1st.

Then, on April 6th, the victim was driving on Mill Creek Road when her left rear tire came off. The teen was able to keep her vehicle under control and parked it on the shoulder.

After the car crash, detectives interviewed several of the juveniles who were at the party that confirmed hearing Karen Peet's statements and offer to pay the $1,000 if someone at the party would "jump" the victim.

Karen L. Peet was arrested Friday and charged with one count of criminal solicitation.

She has been arraigned and released on unsecured bail.

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