Keep the boyfriend AND slim waist

May 11, 2009 5:21:02 PM PDT
Are you falling in love? Great. But do you find yourself gaining weight as a side effect?

Beth Orvis is a healthy eater.

But early in her relationship with her boyfriend, she ate what he ate.

Orvis says, "If he wanted pizza, we ordered out, and got pizza. If he wanted a cheesesteak, we ordered out and got cheesesteaks."

It got to the point the less-than-healthy diet her boyfriend loved started affecting Beth's wardrobe.

Orvis says, "I have, like, a next size up, cause you know, you neve know. And when I couldn't get into them, I was like - yeah, this has to change."

Beth's weighty dilemma is shared by countless women, and is now the topic of the book, "Your Big Fat Boyfriend."

Jenna Bergen, the author, says, "There's actually a lot of studies that show that when women are in a relationship, they tend to gain weight, while guys tend to get healthier and sometimes even lose weight."

Jenna writes from experience with her own boyfriend, and says these guys aren't necessarily fat.

Jenna says, "There's a lot of thin, skinny, in-shape guys who can still put away much more food than us."

So how do you stay thin if your guy's diet is packed with fat & calories?

Start by swapping out empty carbs.

Jenna says, "You can have a cookie with him, but maybe get a salad instead of a sandwich, so you're cutting out some of the bread."

And share activities that don't focus on food, like beach volleyball, or taking a walk.

Jenna says, "There are so many ways to be active as a couple, you know, there's more than just dinner and a movie."

And who knows, those good habits might even rub off on your boyfriend.

Orvis says, "I don't think I'll ever get him to eat vegetables and a salad, but hey, i'm fine with the turkey dogs, extra ketchup, you know."

Jenna says the title of her book is meant to be in good fun, and to break the ice on a *very common problem.

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