Mrs. Fixit: Drinking Straws

May 17, 2009 8:15:33 AM PDT
Plastic drinking straws are a great item to have on hand all around the house they can really help you out!

In the kitchen, use a plastic straw to add a small amount of liquid to a recipe. Place the straw in whatever liquid you need and put your finger over the top to make a vacuum seal. Then slowly add the liquid to your recipe one drop at a time.

If your ketchup is stuck in the bottle and won't pour out, place a drinking straw straight down into the bottle and then pull it out. The straw will add a pocket of air, which will allow ketchup to flow smoothly.

If you're gluing a project and you got a little too much glue, use a straw to scrape away any excess. The straw's low profile will get right next to the surface and the excess glue will collect in the center.

If you're trying to install a screw above you're head and you keep dropping it, cut a length of drinking straw so that it fits over the tip of your screwdriver.

Secure it so that the straw extends out past the tip. Slide the screw through the straw and affix it on the tip of the screwdriver. Now, as you reach above your head the straw will hold the screw until you get it started.

Alternative uses to a plain old drinking straw, who knew? I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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