TUNED IN to David Rowan & Wet Pet

January 28, 2010 9:40:31 AM PST
Our featured Tuned In artist this week is David Rowan and Wet Pet. They call their sound 'Ultra Medieval Funk'.They are a local band comprised of members who have very accomplished musical backgrounds. The lead singer of Wet Pet, David Rowan, has worked with legendary musicians such as Simon Townshend, from The Who. Their bassist, Doug Grigsby, has, and currently works with legendary artists such as Patti LaBelle, and Stevie Wonder.

We caught up with them during a special taping session at Brittingham's in Lafayette Hill.

Here is their biography

WET PET is an influence of all great music. From Mozart to The Beatles, to James Brown. Sounds like that, plus Led Z., meets The Who, meets the RHChili P's and so on, and so on, and so on. David Rowan's songwritting and voice have been compared to David Bowie, Bono, and Sting. Not exactly Bad Company. Here's some interesting info about WET PET.!!!. Please, read on.

Wet Pet is David Rowan born and raised in Philadelphia, as a kid played around locally, garage bands, a few years on the'Chitlin Cercuit' then moved to London to work w/ The Who's Simon Townshend, aslo a UK tour w/ Virgin artist 'Floy Joy', and Banarama. as well as TV appearances and a Capital radio session. "Pete, saw me on 'the tellie' and said it was "brilliant" I said it was about time he saw me on TV. 3 years later moved back home to work w/ Andy Kravitz and Jay Davidison again and met Doug Grigsby. Bonded immediately, and recognized a unique chemistry and have been building on it ever since. Wet Pet is the 2nd coming of this Chemistry after many years in a band together called 'Exisdance'. We love the opportunity to share our work and hope you enjoy it. David wants people to hear his words.

Wet Pet is also Doug Grigsby. Anyone who has the pleasure of not just meeting Doug, but lucky enough to work him, quickly realizes his endless about of talent and Love. Just to watch Doug work at anything, says everything. Dougie and David happen to be friends of mine through their amazing vibe they call 'Ultra Medieval Funk'. Perhaps a new genre one day.? Doug has played with or recorded with everyone from Patti LaBelle, MJ, to Stevie Wonder. Truly too many to mention. Simon Townshend was quoted stating "Doug's bass playing is SO powerful it scares me".

Wet Pet is also Larry Saklad keyboards, synths etc... Also from Philadelphia, as a child Larry was a Classically trained pianist who at the ripe old age of 10 won several piano competitions, one of which was, of all places Carnegie Hall. Practice man, Practice. Larry and David first started working together when they were both 14 years old. Chemistry, again that word. Anyway, Larry moved to Boston only to return years later to work with the likes of Allen Mann, and Robert Hazzard(Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Escalator of Life) etc... Larry and David reunited with Andy Kravitz and Jay Davidson and the new on the scene, bassist Doug Grigsby. Then, Boom "Exisdance". Then, Boom, BOOM Wet Pet. As well being an integral part in Wet Pet Larry has been pursuing his own solo career Yet2B. Check out Larry's work and talent at Yet2B's myspace. Larry is also an accomplished guitar player as well. Love ya Larry.

Wet Pet is also Keni Jackson the 'Singing drummer' who claims he's not a drummer at all. (Ha,ha Keni) Anyone that gets to hear him play the drums will, BEG TO DIFFER. Keni's talents remind one of a young Doug Grigsby. To me his main talent his is voice, Keni is a singer!!! No doubt about it. Keni is a writter as well. He wrote for Warner Bros. records. Keni toured with Earth, Wind and Fire and Patti Labelle. Listen to Keni solo on one of his originals. keniunattended.com. He is truly amazing. Multi instrumentalist, like Doug, like David, andlike Larry. Enjoy WET PET !!! Article by: Gary Kennedy.

Please enjoy the performance video from their show Brittingham's in Lafayette Hill, PA You are now Tuned In to David Rowan and Wet Pet On the www.myspace.com/davidrowanwetpet

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