Gas prices on the rise again

May 11, 2009 2:38:32 PM PDT
In the five county Philadelphia area, the average price of gasoline rose eight cents over the weekend."It's out of control. How can they get away with that?" said John Murphy of Vineland, New Jersey.

The answer to that question, according to AAA, is that crude oil prices are simply responding to signs that the recession might be easing. That means global demand might be rising.

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So while the oil industry anticipates what might happen, we pay for it through what is happening: Higher gas prices.

Since Friday, we're paying seven cents more in Pennsylvania, eight cents more in New Jersey, and 10 cents more in Delaware.

The big question now is: Are we on a collision course with the eye-popping gas prices we saw last summer?

"We are still very far away from what we saw last summer, those record gas prices of four dollars plus per gallon. We don't expect to see anything like that this year," said Ela Volluck of AAA.

Regardless, some of the commuters we spoke to say gas prices are starting to hurt again.

"I used to fill up once a week or something like that. Now it's a couple dollars here, couple dollars there because I'm not working a lot and the price keeps going up," said Chris Moores of Clifton Heights, Pa.

Others say, for now, they're still taking it in stride.

"I'm not too worried about it, but keeping a watchful eye on it. I'd say watch out, but deal with it. We could have it worse," said Patrick McCann of Glenolden.

One week ago, 15 states had average gas prices under two dollars per gallon. Now, Arizona is the only one left.

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