Trenton workers hurt in attack

May 12, 2009 1:49:03 PM PDT
An investigation is underway after two Trenton city workers were attacked on the job.One is in critical condition, the other is said to have a broken jaw.

It happened at the intersection of Prospect and Rutherford on Monday afternoon outside Papi's Pizza.

Sonny Singson, 32, is the name of the man who was most seriously hurt, however it appears he was not the intended target.

Police say it all started when another city worker, one of 3 others in a truck with Singson, had words with a woman who walked in front of their vehicle.

When all 4 workers got out to pick up lunch from Papi's, a man clainming to be that woman's son attacked the worker who argued with his mother, breaking his jaw.

Singson's uncle, Peter Fields, says witnesses have told him there was a gun shown, so Singson's co-workers got into their truck and left, not realizing that Singon was still inside the pizza shop.

"By the time he came out he was pretty much on his own. He was assaulted, and ultimately hit over the head with a gun which cracked his skull," Fields said.

Fields says Singson had to have brain surgery, where a piece of skull was removed to remove pressure on his brain.

The family says Councilman Manny Segura was the only official to show up at the hospital.

"They had to go inside because the pressure was building up so much that they had to go inside and go around the bones and clean it all up. Otherwise the guy could have died," said Segura.

One city worker says there's more peril to their jobs than many people might think.

"You're always in danger, the city workers, because we always work the street a lot. So, anything can happen," said city truck driver Paul Bethea.

No one in the neighborhood has offered up information, but some people who live there are upset.

"They're working. So why is it people who have no jobs, sitting on the corner all day.. It's like they're sitting there, waiting for trouble," said neighbor Karen Derrell.

Police are checking a surveillance camera at the pizzeria to see if it recorded the altercation.

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