Turn your handmade crafts into cash

May 27, 2009 9:42:20 AM PDT
Devin Taylor is a crafter with two specialties. She makes jewelry and fragranced body products likes soaps and lotions.

She also has a full-time job. When she spends entire weekends at craft shows, she has less time to make new merchandise.

That's why selling her hand-made products on Etsy.com, a website dedicated to crafters, was the perfect way for her to turn her crafts into extra cash.

Taylor says, "I work full-time, so it's nice. I can do this when I come home from work."

Crafters who sell their hand-made items on Etsy.com have very little overhead, especially in comparison to opening a store or consigning work through galleries -- which can take commissions of up to 50%.

Adam Brown, of Etsy.com, says, "It's free to create a shop. To list an item, it's $.20, and when you sell an item, Etsy takes a 3.5% commission."

Crafters also get far more exposure than they would through a traditional shop or craft show.

Taylor says she's sold earrings and other items to customers in Australia and Japan.

No matter what you make, if it's hand-made, you can sell it through Etsy. Currently the site hosts a quarter-million different shops from crafters in 160 different countries.

To check out Etsy, click here.

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