Summer pool safety

May 26, 2009 4:33:03 PM PDT
Before you open your swimming pool safety-proof it!Inspect your pool drains for missing or broken covers. A new federal law requires all public pools and spas install drain covers to keep kids from getting trapped under water.

It's a good idea to learn CPR and keep rescue equipment and a phone nearby. You should also install a safety fence around the pool perimeter and ensure all entry gates self-close and self-latch.

You can be held liable even if children trespass and use your pool without your knowledge

For a complete list of pool safety tips click here.

    Safety Proof Your Pool
  • Confirm your pool is compliant with local building code requirements by visiting your township Web site.
  • Inspect your pool drains regularly for missing or broken covers, which can lead to powerful suction of hair and body parts, and oftentimes drowning.
  • Keep all walking surfaces surrounding the pool area slip resistant.
  • Learn CPR and keep rescue equipment (life preserver or shepherd's hook) and a telephone nearby.
    Create Barriers
  • Install a safety fence around the pool perimeter with narrow fence posts so that children cannot fit through. Fences should generally be at least four feet high, but consult your local code to ensure that you're in compliance.
  • Ensure all entry gates self close and self latch. (You can be held liable even if children trespass and use your pool without your knowledge.)
    Stick to the Rules
  • Never allow a child to swim without an adult present. Never swim alone! Many drownings involve single swimmers because no one was there to help.
  • Create and enforce rules of play. Only one person should be on the diving board at a time and there should be absolutely no running or pushing anywhere near the pool.
  • Know the water depth before diving in -- diving boards require at least nine to 10 feet of water depth, with a shallow angle out of the deep end -- and use careful diving techniques. Shallow diving can lead to serious injury, often resulting in paraplegia.
These tips courtesy: Anapol Schwartz, consumer advocate attorney Larry Cohan.

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