Stores close, consumers save

May 28, 2009 8:49:11 PM PDT
The merging or closing of stores can be a sign of tough economic times, but there is often a silver lining for consumers. A Kmart store in Norristown and the one on Ridge Pike in Eagleville are closing their doors this coming Sunday.

That's bad news for employees, but good news for shoppers looking for bargains.

Action News cameras weren't allowed inside the store, but I went in to check out the deals and walked out with a $25 pair of pants for just $2!

Here's what else I found:

Only a few aisles of merchandise remain, but what is there is significantly reduced.

Video games are 60% off. Rock Band for PS3 was just $20.

Jeans are also 60% off. We found an assortment of sizes for both men and women for less than seven dollars a pair.

Cosmetics are 70% off. Hair care products and linens are 50% off and food is 40% off.

Kelly Mulligan picked up a few items for her son, Joey.

K-Mart isn't the only store in the area changing. The Toys R Us in Willow Grove is not closing, but moving.

The existing Toys R Us across from the Willow Grove Park mall is closing to merge with Babies R Us into a new superstore in Horsham.

At the Toys R Us, just about all of the toys are 50% off. Gift wrap and cards are 70 to 80% off and baby food and formula are 30% off.

This store will close its doors Saturday. The new combined Superstore is set to open on June 12th.

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