Tuesday storm damage

June 2, 2009 8:46:31 PM PDT
24,000 customers are without power in NJ and Del. in the wake of those powerful storms that rolled through.Witnesses say it was just before 4:00 p.m. when gale force winds swept through New Castle County, Delaware.

Chad Johnson was just about to enter an auto parts storage warehouse next to Nucar Properties when he noticed the doors began to blow in.

"I left one door open and I noticed all the doors were going, so I'm looking and the middle of the roof starts shaking and the whole roof went up in the air and I just saw it flying into the trees."

It was an incredible scene breaking out all around Chad and he ran out of there fast. He considers it a stroke of luck that he wasn't in the warehouse.

"I was scared, 10 more seconds, I woulda been in there, exactly where the roof blew off, I don't know, I woulda been scared as hell."

The large roof landed in the backyards of two homes in Penn Acre South. Fortunately there were no injuries.

But the storm had not finished its wrath taking down trees and power lines and causing power outages as it made its way into southern New Jersey.

"And it just looked like a sheet or water, I mean blowing sideways," said William Humphreys of Pennsville, New Jersey.

Witnesses say it was just before 4:30 that the severe thunderstorm hit them bringing down trees on top of houses.

"Actually heard a huge crack and the tree fell right into the top of our kitchen," said Christina Humphreys.

On South Broadway part of a huge ash tree, that's over a 100-years-old, crashing down onto the front of a house. Another large tree was uprooted in the back crashing into the kitchen.

Christina was inside the house scared out of her mind.

"I really hope I don't die, I was actually sitting right outside right where the tree fell into our house, like 5 minutes before."

"And I was worried about, I didn't care about the house, I wanted to get my dog and my friend Mike he ran in there and got the dog for me," said Gloria Dalbow.

And then about a mile away on Hook Road, a man was driving in the blinding rain, when a large tree fell onto his minivan, crushing it.

"The tree came down, crushed the thing down to the ground, he crawls out the window into the car next to him that had stopped," said Ernie Beckett.

Incredibly the man was not injured, but as for his minivan:

"It was crushed, it's a wonder he got out of there!"

In the end, residents were amazed the storm moved out almost as quickly as it moved in, leaving only a big mess to clean up.

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