Resale clothes for trendy "tweens"

July 1, 2009 12:12:47 PM PDT
Lucky Girl is an Ardmore boutique that caters to Main Line tweens who want the trendiest clothes. But in this economy, one of the big trends is re-sale.

That's why the owners of Lucky Girl have opened Lucky Again -- a consignment shop within their pricier boutique.

"We're finding that even people who can afford to spend money on their kids are always looking for bargains," explains Gail Plotnick of Lucky Girl and Lucky Again.

Lucky Again is full of gently used items from same names you find at Lucky Girl. But the prices are an average of less than 50% of retail.

An Ed Hardy t-shirt is $20. A Northface jacket is $50. And Abercrombie jeans are $10.

There are also capris from Juicy Couture for $24, a Lilly Pulitzer polo shirt for $6, and True Religion jeans for $28.

Young shoppers Taylor Feinman and Paige Saokisian of Newtown Square said, "We love it! It's so much cheaper and it's just so cute!"

Mom Lynn Feinman said she was happy her daughter could get twice as many pieces of clothing for the same amount of money.

The store's also encouraging the tweens to turn their un-used clothing into cash.

"We encouraged kids to clean out their closets and recycle and share clothing that they're not wearing, as well as make some money out of it," Plotnick explains.

Lucky Again doesn't charge consignment fees. Usually, they keep 60% of the purchase prices and consignors get 40%, but if you go to their website, and sign up for their email list, they'll make it a 50%/50% split.

Lucky Girl and Lucky Again are located at 10 Anderson Avenue in Ardmore, Pa.

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