Mack to provide hybrid garbage trucks to NY

July 10, 2009 6:43:24 AM PDT
Mack Trucks is in a trial run to supply new diesel-electric hybrid garbage trucks to New York City, with a major contract at stake for the eastern Pennsylvania manufacturer.New York was the first city to get one of Mack's new TerraPro refuse trucks in May. Mack spokesman John Walsh says it burns less fuel, emits less carbon dioxide and meets 2010 federal emission standards.

Oklahoma-based Crane Carrier has also sent a hybrid truck for testing on New York streets. Deputy Commissioner Rocco DiRico of New York's Bureau of Support Services says officials will decide who gets the contract in about a year.

Walsh says supplying hybrid trucks for New York would be a milestone in commercializing the technology. Mack would manufacture the trucks at its plant near Allentown, which employs about 500 people.