Military Career Fair at the Bank

July 16, 2009 3:42:46 PM PDT
The Military Career Fair at Citizens Bank Park was a unique opportunity for hundreds of men and women, returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, to get back to productive lives."The vendors here have actually broadened my horizon's with all their knowledge and information that's here," Abdul Conteh of the National Guard said.

Christopher Simpson is looking for something in senior management in the security business; He's been unemployed for a year.

"They have a lot of things that want you to start your own business and I'm also looking into that, too," Simpson of New Castle said.

"They have a unique experience, our military veterans, they come back with diversity. The meet a lot of people over a lot different fields and those are the people we're looking for," Ed Henry of Amtrak said.

More than 9,000 soldiers will return to Pennsylvania from now through 2010.

They will face lots of difficulties, including combat stress, and depression, as well as unemployment.

Major General William Terpeluk is President of Freedom and Honor, which sponsored today's event.

"Certainly from self esteem and getting back into community that employment's the big part, but there are other issues surrounding that, as well," Terpeluk said.

Ramona Skeete completed 4 years of service at Ft. Carson Colorado.

"It actually helped a lot; it brought teamwork," Skeete said.

She's now looking for administrative work in the medical field.