UPDATE: Campground residents able to stay

July 31, 2009 1:04:06 PM PDT
In Cape May County, New Jersey, residents of the Carol Lynn Resort Campground have heard good news. Year round residents are able to rest easy tonight.

They have been granted permission by State Senator Jeff Van Drew that allows them to live in your homes at the campground and not be forced to leave.

Current year round campground residents will be exempt from the state electrical regulations that would have forced them to leave their homes every year for 6 months.

New campground residents will, however, have to abide by the 6 month residency rule.

When Action News spoke to residents of the campground two weeks ago, they were nervous they would have to lose their homes.

"They are going to be on the street sleeping because the county already said they cannot handle 75 to 100 people," resident Al Rippa said.

"I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown. I want to cry all the time," resident Margaret Casler said.

For decades, nobody bothered them, but now a new state regulation is to limit living in small mobile homes to just six months a year; the state says it's not specifically targeting campgrounds, rather, its concern is the electrical system used in park models which New Jersey says is intended for only seasonal use, not year round electrical use.

The state says it is only following the national electrical code, but it makes no sense to residents like Pete Gilson; his 7-year-old park model came with full 100 amp service.

"Nobody's ever came to look at them; I think they're working with antiquated laws," Gilson said.

Gilson and most others paid tens of thousands of dollars upfront for 99-year leases; they assumed that gave them the right to live here full time and to be able to call the campground home.

Now, with the new exemption, it seems the residents will be able to say 'home sweet home' once again.